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The results of “Voice of the Customer in Turkey” Research were announced

Turkey said "OPET"...

OPET has been at the top in customer satisfaction non-stop for nine years according to Customer Satisfaction Index of Turkey performed by KalDer (Turkish Quality Association), and came first in “Voice of the Customer in Turkey” Research, a new study by KalDer and Ipsos. OPET was chosen the brand with highest customer loyalty in fuel stations sector within the scope of the research, which was based on customer loyalty.

KalDer (Turkish Quality Association) and Ipsos conducted TMS-Türkiye Müşterinin Sesi (Voice of the Customer in Turkey) Research on the basis of the need for a national assessment system that focuses on measuring and improving customer loyalty in sectors in Turkey and will also be a strong economic indicator. OPET was chosen the brand with highest customer loyalty in fuel stations sector within the scope of the research, the main purpose of which was to measure companies through the eyes of their customers within the scope of an independent study in line with the understanding of excellence. It was noted in the research that fuel sector went through a difficult period in 2015 due to usufruct renewal process and sector dynamics, and it was also emphasized in the research that developments in the sector had important repercussions for customers.

"We have listened to the Voice of the Customer"

Cuneyt Agca, CEO of OPET, said that more than just being a fuel distribution brand, OPET gained a permanent place in the lives of its customers by increasing the quality of its products and services, and expressed his satisfaction with OPET ranking first in “Voice of the Customer in Turkey” Research. Agca said: "OPET has been “The Brand with the Highest Customer Satisfaction” for nine years and it also has titles including Lovemark-The Brand To Which People Are Attached, and Superbrand... Now we are the brand with the highest customer loyalty level according to “Voice of the Customer in Turkey” Research. Because we are a company that listens to the voice of its customers and understands their expectations. Under any circumstances, we do what is unfeasible, take on a leading role and we’re being followed. During the five-year contract renewal process when the sector has been unstable, while we were increasing the number of our dealers and our sales volume, we did not neglect to focus, on our operations keeping our customers at the forefront. Our stations are visited by a total of 500 thousand vehicles and about 1 million people a day. With Temiz Tuvalet Kampanyası(Clean Toilet Campaign), we brought in the standards, most of which were introduced to the sector for the first time, to our fuel stations and raised awareness about cleaning and hygiene. We’ll keep working with our results-oriented social responsibility projects closely followed by the public, friendly and hardworking service team, and our high quality products, and continue to increase satisfaction and loyalty of our customers.


Voice of Customer in Turkey Index is based on a model which was measured in 30 different countries and over 26 sectors and validated with comparisons as a result of R & D work of Ipsos Global. The results are calculated by Ipsos Global. TMS-Türkiye Müşterinin Sesi (Voice of the Customer in Turkey) Research incorporates behavioral and attitudinal elements including brands preferred by the customers, continuity of preference, charm of the brand compared to its competitors and willingness to buy again, and also facilitates 'Social Listening Analysis'. Thus, social media data of the brands are analyzed quantitatively and qualitatively by experts and reported within the scope of TMS. At the end of the analysis, it’s examined about what the customers talk in which platforms and in which tone. Interviews are performed by Computer-Assisted Telephone Interviewing (CATI). The customers are contacted by randomly calling mobile phone numbers.

TMS-Türkiye Müşterinin Sesi (Voice of the Customer in Turkey) Research, which listened to about 15,000 customers in 12 sectors having an important place in Turkish economy in 2015, aims to guide sector players on how to maintain their loyal customers and acquire new ones.

Research Masthead

TMS-Türkiye Müşterinin Sesi (Voice of the Customer in Turkey) Research was conducted by Ipsos in cooperation with KalDer. It was conducted by Computer-Assisted Telephone Interviewing (CATI) through successful interviews with a total of 14,668 people over the age of 18 during the period between July- December 2015. It was reported using 1500 responses for each sector. In the research, over 200,000 consumers residing in Turkey were contacted without limitation of provinces. By ensuring coherence of brand market shares in each sector, reporting was made by using weighting where necessary.


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  • “Lifetime Achievement Award” for Corporate Social Responsibility Leader Nurten Öztürk

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  • OPET is the Most Reputable Fuel Brand In Turkey

    According to the 5th research carried out by Turkish Reputation Academy (Türkiye İtibar Akademisi), OPET is the most reputable fuel brand in Turkey.

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  • 1005th station of Opet

    Aslan Kardeşler Petrol is the 1005th station of Opet in Turkey and 54th in the city of Antalya...