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Creating a big transformation in the historical peninsula with “Respect to History Project” it has been carrying out in Gallipoli Peninsula, Çanakkale since 2006, OPET has finished in “2018 International Troya Year” its works that contain the physical and social change of Tevfikiye Village which is the nearest settlement to Troya archaeological site with its historical, mythological, cultural and natural beauties. Starting with the protocol signed on November 21, 2017 with the Governorate of Çanakkale, the project has turned Tevfikiye Village into an outdoor museum archaeo-village with its atmosphere, buildings, figures, history, and mythological values that maintain the heritage of Troya era.   

It is aimed to turn OPET Tevfikiye Archaeo-Village into a village that has the overtones of Troya history and where people can stroll around, buy organic fruits and vegetables and souvenirs during stopovers at Troya Ancient City which is one of the most important and well-known cultural heritages of our country, famous for its sagas. During the ongoing restoration of the village, courses with different titles have been commenced in collaboration with Çanakkale Public Education Center, and the social life quality in the region has been improved. Tevfikiye has been turned into a place where local and foreign visitors are provided with the best service. 

At the start of Tevfikiye Archaeo-Village Project, a sociological survey has been conducted with the people of Tevfikiye. With this research, socio-economical and demographic information of the villagers has been compiled, and their opinions and expectations about Troya, their demands for courses, and their opinions about the subjects they will provide support have been received. 

According to the results of the research:

  • The people of Tevfikiye said they do not have a lot of visitors to their village and they wish this will change,
  • They said they wish to have more information about the Battle of Troy and the archaeological site, 
  • They are expecting their village to turn into a Troya village,   
  • They are hopeful, optimistic, and excited about Tevfikiye Archaeo-Village Project,
  • They wish to attend particularly to handicrafts, management, boarding house management, and cooking courses.

Subsequently, a “Village Committee” consisting of five well-informed and skilled men and women has been founded, in which the village headman, village imam, and the teacher at the village preliminary school are deemed permanent members. This committee continues to conduct regular works to encourage people and enable coordination by assembling weekly meetings and exchanging views about the project. 

You can access the details of Anlat Troya Project at anlattroya.com.

What Works are Done at the Village by Opet?

  • The entrance road and its vicinity has been arranged.  
  • Architectural renewal works have been made in accordance with “Troya 6” era concept at the village coffee house, wedding saloon, and community health center. 
  • The wedding saloon at the village square has been transformed into a museum and culture and arts center.   
  • The historical village mosque that was built with stones entirely taken from Troya archaeological site by a Greek master builder from İntepe/Erenköy in 1895 has been restored with naturel stones from Troya era in accordance with its original design.  
  • The square overlooking the wide Troya lowland and that is called Troya Square has been arranged as an observation area. Busts of Troya era heroes (Sarpedone, Priamos, Paris, Helen, Hector, Homeros, Achilleus, Agamemnon, Aias, Patroclus, Odysseus) have been placed at this square. 
  • Statues of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk and Mehmet the Conqueror have been placed at the village square. 
  • The building in the garden of the village coffee house has been renewed in accordance with the concept of Troya house. 
  • A landscape design has been implemented and a miniature waterfall has been created at the vacant lot between Troya Square and the mosque. 
  • The derelict elementary school at the village center has been turned into a boarding house. The boarding house is being managed and continues to host a lot of guests. 
  • A village-wide landscape design has been conducted. A total of 14.800 plants consisting of acacia, cypress, oleander, juniper, sycamore, redbud, rose, honeysuckle, jasmine, and geranium donated to the village by İstanbul Metropolitan Municipality Tree and Landscape Design LTD. have been planted. 
  • The toilets in the village coffee house and wedding saloon have been renewed in accordance with OPET standards. 
  • Landlords were encouraged to paint and maintain their houses according to the patterns and colors that match up with Troya spirit, with the support of Çanakkale 19 March University Fine Arts Faculty.
  • Sights that disfigure the scene have been arranged, and the surroundings of the houses were decorated with flowers and trees.
  • The vendors’ stalls at the entrance of the village have been renewed.
  • Urban appliances such as water dispensers, benches, and trash bins have been placed at the village.
  • Instructive and informative signs have been placed at appropriate points in the village.
  • Idle and derelict houses at the village have been completely maintained and turned into workshops. 
  • Courses have been conducted for the people of Tevfikiye village in cooperation with Çanakkale Public Education Center Directorate. First stage of these courses has been completed. Within the scope of the course schedule which has started in February, training of a total of 964 hours has been given, being 5 hours each at evenings and 8 hours each in afternoons in midweek. A total of 70 people, being 6 men and 64 women from the village have attended the courses on Clean Toilet and Hygiene, Entrepreneurship, Work Safety and Worker Health, Diction, Communication in Work and Social Life, Personal Development, Occupational Ethics, English, Souvenir Production, Rural Tourism Activities, Silver Silk Knitting, Tragacanth Doll Production. Also, a boarding house management course were conducted for the people of the village, with the support of the Ministry of Culture Provincial Culture Directorate.  
  • Drinking water and sewage infrastructure works, burial of telephone cables and electrical network, paving of village roads with natural granite cobblestone, and landscape and square planning have been made by the Governorate of Çanakkale. Beltways have been arranged.
  • OPET has adopted the dessert of the ancient era, “Globi”, and presented it to the region under the name of “Çanakkale Troya Dessert”. The ingredients and recipe of the dessert which has been included to the menus of the restaurants and hotels in Çanakkale have been shared with the chefs in a workshop. 
  • Within the scope of the 6th Çanakkale Biennial of which OPET is the main sponsor, the authentic places have hosted the biennial exhibitions along with movie screenings and workshops.