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Opet Traffic Detectives Project

Implemented with OPET’s support and in collaboration with the Ministry of Family, Labor and Social Services, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the General Command of Gendarmerie, the Ministry of National Education, the Directorate of Religious Affairs, and the Police Wives’ Association, “Traffic Detectives Project” aims to convert the prospective drivers into individuals who understand traffic rules in its entirety and take responsibility in this matter Through trainings that are to be given to first teachers, and then to children and youngsters on 9 main subjects, it is aimed to offer a permanent solution towards the prevention of traffic accidents. However, unlike classic education, children and youngsters are expected to develop a conscious behavior model by being given the title “Traffic Detective”. Trainings that are given towards this purpose include; traffic signs and signposts, safety belt and child restraint systems, pedestrian crossing, overpass and underpass usage, safe bicycle ride, pedestrian safety, visibility, safe journey in vehicles, traverse, and safe playgrounds.   

With “Traffic Detectives Project”, it is aimed to change the existing perception by creating an awareness on traffic rules, and thus making Turkey a country with a safe traffic and comfortable transportation in the future. Traffic Detectives Project has reached nearly 7 million children and youngsters since 2014. The number of reached children means that nearly 10 million parents are also indirectly informed about traffic safety. When the fatal accidents involving children between 3-17 in the accident statistics for the years 2014-2018 are reviewed, it is seen that there is a 20.5% decrease in the rate of fatality owing to the educational efforts. 

Opet Belt of Life

With the purpose of turning the roads into joyful and safe journeys, OPET aims to raise awareness for both children and youngsters and adults as well within the scope of Traffic Detectives Project. The fact that safety belts bind us to life and to our beloved ones in the event of an accident is forgotten. Therefore, OPET calls the safety belt which is a concept we are accustomed to hear but unfortunately disregarded by the society, “the Belt of Life”. 

With Traffic Detectives Project, traffic safety awareness is instilled to the children and youngsters from all over Turkey, and everyone who enters OPET stations is warned with the words “Please fasten your life belt” within the framework of “the Belt of Life”, and it is aimed to transform this discourse into a movement that will encompass the whole country.