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We are Proud of Our History and Look After It

Within the framework of Respect For History, reorganization work was conducted in areas where the Dardanelles Battles took place by protecting the natural fabric of the historical Gallipoli Peninsula to achieve a modern appearance. The villages of Alçıtepe, Seddülbahir, Bigalı, Kilitbahir, Kocadere, Behramlı, Büyük Anafarta and the County of Ecebat gained a new physiognomy. In the project in which the faces of the town squares and houses, modern sales stands were created, the villages were made green, the museums were restored and a new museum and cultural center were built in those villages that did not contain any. Within the framework of the project in which training courses in English, computers, hotel management and personal growth in collaboration with Public Education Centers, a park that acts as an open air museum was built in Ecebat. The park, which was named "Respect For History Park", is equipped to show all the details of the Dardanelles Battle. The Martyr's Memorial of the 57th Regiment and the Akbaş Memorial, one of the two biggest memorial hospitals on the Gallipoli Peninsula, were restored in accordance with their original states and opened to visit. A new and modern school was built instead of the Elementary School in Ecebat that had lost its functionality.

Quality of Life has Increased in The Region with the Project

A study was made that includes the awareness of the project and the results of the work that have been done with a survey conducted by Çanakkale Onsekiz Mart University. In the survey, the change emerged among local people and visitors was emphasized. According to the survey results which authenticate that the project has integrally succeeded, the Respect For History project has enhanced the quality of social life in the region, brought a historical awareness, enriched cultural life and brought aesthetic and hygienic properties to social venues. It has also improved the business administration culture, enhanced the economical level, contributed to the versatile development of the educational institutions and improved aesthetic-architectural culture.

The transformation and effect of the ongoing efforts in the region is increasing with each passing day, and Gallipoli Peninsula regains the image it deserves with this project.

Respect to History Project has been awarded the “Jury’s Special Award” in the 7th Golden Compass Awards by Turkey Public Relations Association. OPET Member of the Board Nurten Öztürk has been awarded the Outstanding Service Award by the Great National Assembly of Turkey for her supportive efforts for the physical rehabilitation and social development of Çanakkale region with Respect to History Project. OPET Board Chairman Fikret Öztürk has been presented the plaque of gratitude by the then President Abdullah Gül for his contributions to the region with Respect to History Project. 

A First in Turkey: Opet Archaeo-Village Tevfikiye

Creating a big transformation in the historical peninsula with “Respect to History Project” it has been carrying out in Gallipoli Peninsula, Çanakkale since 2006, OPET has finished in “2018 International Troya Year” its works that contain the physical and social change of Tevfikiye Village which is the nearest settlement to Troya archaeological site with its historical, mythological, cultural and natural beauties. Starting with the protocol signed on November 21, 2017 with the Governorate of Çanakkale, the project has turned Tevfikiye Village into an outdoor museum archaeo-village with its atmosphere, buildings, figures, history, and mythological values that maintain the heritage of Troya era.   

It is aimed to turn OPET Tevfikiye Archaeo-Village into a village that has the overtones of Troya history and where people can stroll around, buy organic fruits and vegetables and souvenirs during stopovers at Troya Ancient City which is one of the most important and well-known cultural heritages of our country, famous for its sagas. During the ongoing restoration of the village, courses with different titles have been commenced in collaboration with Çanakkale Public Education Center, and the social life quality in the region has been improved. Tevfikiye has been turned into a place where local and foreign visitors are provided with the best service.