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'There is a Model Village Over There'

Set out with the objective of creating conscious society, OPET also aims self sufficiency for villages, utilizing historical, geographical and cultural potentials along with improved education level and environmental awareness.

Mardin - Dara

In Mardin, village of Dara, which was selected as "Model Village" and is near the Dara Ruins, many events such as Clean Toilet and hygiene training courses as well as afforestation and handicrarfts training courses were actualized In the village, training sessions were held on attracting tourists, communicating with tourists and improving handicrafts and a computer lab, a library and kid's play room were built along with a culture center. In village of Dara, a modern restroom was built with accessible toilet. OPET honorary inspectors, health teams and another team that gives training on getting economical growth in the village participated in the implementations that included the afforestation of an boulevard of 1.5 km in the city center of Mardin while 150 houses in the village received olive tree saplings and seedlings of flowers of the flora.

Gaziantep - Yesemek

Yesemek village of Gaziantep is another region that is covered in the scope of "Model Village". Yesemek village of Gaziantep is another region that is covered in the scope of "Model Village" due to its historical features. At Yesemek Hittite Scuplture Workshop, the biggest outdoor sculpture workshop of antique near east according to current data, landscaping, renewing the display and the maintainence of the art pieces were made by OPET. Along with this, teraces were created for visitors to tour the Open Air Museum comfortably by removing the sculptures covered partially or completely by earth. The view was colored with the waterfall emerged from the greening works. Also, a modern restroom that includes accessible toilet is built for tourists. During all this processes by OPET, a great deal of care was put to improve the structures by maintaining the nature and current texture. Furthermore, a non-used building in Yesemek was restored and transformed into Cultural Centre. In this center, training courses on etiquette, cleanness - hygiene, citizenship knowledge, handicrafts were provided for the villager. Moreover, a computer lab and a library were built in the school of the village. A residence was created to lodge for the students who will perform excavation work at Open Air Museum during summer months. A toilet building that includes accessible toilet and another toilet that visitors can utilize were also built. Around the Cultural Center and the toilets was afforestated and embellished with flowers. At Yesemek Stone Pit and Sculpture Work Shop Open Air Museum, called "Sculpture Farm" by the locals, along with 300 unearthed sculptures, there are many works underground that are waiting to be uncovered.

Bolu - Pazarköy

One of the cities that the nature was most generous towards, Bolu contain Pazarköy where OPET created a new appearance by painting the houses and built Cultural Center and Elementary school. It is aimed to introduce the town to the public through this way.

Fethiye - Saklıkent

One of the frequented places by tourists, in Fethiye Saklıkent, Square arragments were made, sales stands were renewed and buffets and control buildings were built. A modern toilet building that was among the main needs of the region and that includes an accessible toilet was built. Greening works made the region more beautiful to tour by visitors. Furthermore, the personnel that worked in this region was provided with certificates of English, computer and general vocational knowledge by holding related course in collaboration with Fethiye Public Education Center.

Kekova - Üçağız

Physical appearance of Üçağız Kaleköy was improved by the work which was made in collaboration with Ministry of Culture and Tourism and District Governorship of Demre. The entire road starting from the entrance of the village has met a new environmental arrangement. The town square was rearranged, cultural center and ergonomical sales stands were built. Toilets that can be used by our handicapped citizens were built to the parking area and the square of the village. The town square was landscaped and supported with street furniture. Wooden veranda and service cabin were built to the parking area. Toilets of 80. Yıl Cumhuriyet Elementary and Secondary School were reorganized. Broken floor coverings on the town square were swapped with concrete stone coverings. A toilet was built near the historical castle in Kaleköy, which is visited by tens of thousands of tourists every year. Artisans and locals are provided with training courses of English, hostel management, cleanness and service standard.

Isparta - İncesu

In İncesu, which was transformed into Ecological Model Village, soil analysis of agricultural lands were carried out with the first "land planning" in Turkey that was made in town (village) scale. Accordingly, which crop will be grown in which area and accurate irrigation techniques are being determined. While the irrigation system is renewed, the growers are trained to improve the quality of the crop. On the other side, physical properties of the village were improved. Cultural center, sales stands were built, children's park was rendered utilisable, coffee shop building was renewed and a toilet was built. Lessons on literacy, tailoring, computer, first aid, enterpreneurship are taught while vocational courses on local İncesu flaw weavings, production of rugs and madder, cooking, baking still continue.