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We Raise Hopes for the Future

Having started in 2004 and is presently ongoing with the slogan, “One who loses the green, loses life”, the “Green Road Project” aimed not only to maintain an environmental activity which is limited to OPET, but also to create a nationwide environmental consciousness with efforts towards awareness and cooperation. During “Green Road Project”, 716.977 trees have been planted in 805 stations and in treeless areas detected by municipalities; stations and their surroundings, parks and boulevards in city centers have been made green; and OPET forests have been created in the vicinities of cities. Forestation works are still ongoing within the scope of the project. 

OPET aims to convert “Green Road Project”, which it started to attract attention to the desertification of the world and the danger of living in an arid environment in the future, into  a movement that embraces the whole country. For this, a call for converting the highways into “Green Chain” has been made in 2008 with the participation of other companies on the highways. It is planned to further develop the project which has been planned to enhance with the participation of all settled units such as fuel stations, hotels, and stores on the highways. 

With the project which was run with the aim of protecting the vegetation by long-term forestation, OPET started its social awareness mission with children first. During June 5, World Environment Day activities in which we discuss the importance of green, we handed out story books which tell the importance of protecting the nature to elementary school students, and hundreds of houseplants were presented to OPET customers and students. Other educational activities on the importance of trees and vegetation in life were organized, and various leaflets were handed out in different platforms.

A greener Turkey is aimed in the project that is being maintained with the purpose of long-term forestation and protecting the vegetation.

OPET’s “Green Road Project” which was carried out in collaboration with TEMA Foundation and the General Directorate for Highways has won the first prize for Environment at Corporate Social Responsibility category at the 5thGolden Compass Awards held by Turkey Public Relations Association. The project has won the third prize in the category of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSS) at ISO 2010 Sustainable Environment-Friendly Product and Application Awards.