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Clean Toilet, Healthy Society

Having been started in OPET stations' toilets, "Clean Toilet Campaign" has been unceasingly going on for 20 years, and it aims to indoctrinate toilet sanitation and hygiene nation-wide. This project is OPET's effort to create a clean and healthy society.

As the longest-term social project in Turkey which has been carried on by OPET since 2000, Clean Toilet Campaign is addressing an important problem of our country. Clean Toilets Campaign has brought the subjects “toilet sanitation and hygiene” to Turkey’s agenda, and is being run with the aim to make a contribution for the development of an awareness on this subject. Started from its own stations in the first place, OPET has spread this project to all over the nation in time and managed to make this permanent by emphasizing its difference not only with the standard corporate appearance and service quality in OPET stations, but also with the importance it attaches to sanitation and hygiene. 

In 2000, in order to popularize toilet sanitation and hygiene in Turkey, starting from its own stations in the first place, OPET has started “Clean Toilet Campaign”. OPET has managed to spread this project nation-wide and make it permanent. OPET has provided training for the staff in stations and brought to the toilets in the stations a hygienic environment. With the consideration for the problems of disabled people, the provision and standard for the toilets for disabled has been introduced to OPET stations. To prevent babies from being infected in the toilets, diaper changing units have been added to the stations. 

The main goal of OPET’s Clean Toilet Campaign is to create an awareness on the importance of toilet sanitation in human life and to popularize the consciousness about hygiene. Therefore, trainings are provided not only at the stations but in public organizations, hospitals, schools, and in every demandant establishment throughout Turkey. The opinion leader of OPET training and supervision team and OPET social responsibility project, OPET Founding Board Member Nurten Öztürk has traveled all around Turkey and met with more than 10 million people for 20 years. Educational and informative animations and commercials which children and adults watch with interest and acclaim alike have been prepared and aired in TV channels, and relevant leaflets and educational CD’s have been distributed.  

Clean Toilet Project has developed sub-expansions towards the needs of society, along with its own collectives. In 2003, “My Clean School” project has been implemented in every school that is affiliated to İstanbul Directorate of National Education, and schools in every district have been supervised by OPET Excellency Ambassadors and OPET training teams. The schools which took the first three places have been rewarded.

The project has transformed into “To Love is to Protect” project due to Swine Flu in late 2009. Every OPET station and every school has been taken under protection with Bioshield disinfection implementation which prevents the reproduction and infection of microbes for 90 days. Attention has been drawn to the danger that is created by our social habits such as kissing, handshaking, and hugging which all facilitate virus transfer via various communication channels, and it is aimed to create an agenda on epidemics and hygiene. In accordance with this goal, wristbands, badges, banners, and posters that read “Take a Break from Kissing and Shaking Hands”. 

“Drinkable Water, Enterable Toilet” campaign has been run with Malatya Directorate of National Education in 2009, and 4000 teachers and many students in Malatya have been provided with Clean Toilet Campaign trainings. 

In 2010, with an invitation from Amasya Directorate of National Education, Clean Toilet Campaign trainings have been run within the scope of Vocational Training program which was held by Amasya Provincial Directorate of National Education, and 2000 teachers have received training. In 2011, 1500 teachers and many students have been given toilet sanitation and hygiene training in Gaziantep’s Nizip and Islahiye districts. Again in 2011, 2000 teachers from the schools in the region have attended to toilet sanitation and hygiene trainings provided with the invitation from Şanlıurfa provincial Directorate of National Education.  

Having reached to more than 10 million people with trainings throughout Turkey up until today, “Clean Toilet Campaign” still receives calls for cooperation from various companies and corporations. 

Through “Cleanness is on the Rails”, OPET’s experience in its ever-expanding Clean Toilet Campaign is conveyed to Turkish State Railways. In 2010, the project was adapted to stations and trains that belong to Turkish State Railways and was implemented under the name “Cleanness is on the Rails”. With this project, all Turkish State Railways staff who worked in zones under the responsibility of the Turkish State railways have received training, and the toilets in the stations and trains along with the surroundings of stations have been cleaned with the guidance of OPET.  

In 2011, teachers and students of first grade, kindergarten, and daycare schools which are affiliated to Sakarya Provincial Directorate of National Education within the boundaries of Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality were brought forth awareness through the social responsibility project on clean toilet, hygiene and water saving with Sakarya Water and Sewerage Administration. 

Circulating Clean Toilet Campaign throughout Turkey with a conscious society and conscious service approach, OPET is providing trainings to students and teachers in schools, in cooperation with the Ministry of National Education and the Ministry of Culture. The training teams meticulously continue to spread the consciousness of sanitation and hygiene all around the country.

The Project is Receiving Invitations from Abroad

The project has expanded overseas in 2012 and contributed to the promotion of Turkey. OPET first has provided training for 4800 teachers and students in Mecca, Madinah, Jeddah, and Riyadh in May 2012 after an invitation from Saudi Arabia. Second stop of Clean Toilet Campaign has been Macedonia on April 23, 2013. Being one of the oldest Turkish schools of the Balkans and giving education in Turkish since 1884, 750 students and 60 teachers of Tefeyyüz Elementary School have been provided Clean Toilet and hygiene training.

TSI Standards were Set by Opet

Another important advance within the scope of the project was the enforcement of the new standards that were set through the cooperation between OPET and TSI for public toilets in all toilets including workplace and restaurant toilets with the implementation started by the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

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