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What is Mobile Payment?

Mobile Payment System is a payment method that is used in fuel purchases at current Opet stations via Opet Mobile Application. With mobile payments, you can make quick, easy and safe payments and save time without having the need to get off your car.

To make a mobile payment via the Opet Mobile App, you must first log in with your Opet Card (Paro) or mobile phone number, which gives you an advantage when you earn your shopping points. If you don't have an activated Opet Card, you can create a new membership through the application and activate it. When you log in, you can sign up to the payment system and make payments easily by registering your credit card to the Mobile Payment System while also you can set the limits of your shopping at Opet stations. Your card information is securely stored within BKM (Interbank Card Center) interface and Opet cannot access your card information in any way.