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Opet Worldcard

The biggest money-saving card in Opet: Opets WorldCard.

With Turkey's the most generous card Opet Worldcard and in addition of all World Card’s privileges, you can gain up to 3% rate as extra points on your fuel or auto gas purchases from Opet stations ,also you can collect as much additional fuel points as ”Worldpuan” Word points collected on your off-fuel expenditures and enjoy privileges specially offered on Opet Worldcard.

With Opet Worldcard, you can win 1.5% points on your monthly fuel purchases not exceeding 2.000 TL made in Opet and 3% fuel points on monthly expenditures exceeding 2000 TL, You can use the collected points in Opet stations in auto gas or fuel expenditures.

Furthermore you can earn as much fuel points as those collected on expenses you had outside of fuel purchases also you can use the collected points in your auto gas and fuel purchasings in Opet contracted stations.

Moreover, you can continue to earn up to 3 % of fuel points from your spending made at Opet.