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How to spend Points

In order to use Paropuan collected in your card in OPET filling stations, you need to complete your card activation. You can complete your card activation in Online Operations Center or via SMS.

For SMS activation;

  • Create a new SMS in your cellular phone.
  • Write "PARO" at start of the message, leave a space and type last 10 digits of your 16 digit card number. Add your NAME, SURNAME, DATE OF BIRTH ( using CAPITAL letters with a space between each to the SMS message. (Example SMS: PARO 0012806566 ENDER AYTEKIN 20.03.1974)
  • Send the SMS to 6738.

By using Paro keyword (PARO) in your SMS, you consent to "membership and consent statement" at back cover of Opet Card Application Form in order to gain full benefit of Paro Program and to be informed of custom benefits for you.

Activation SMS are priced as 1 SMS according to your cellular operator's tariff. Only 1 OPET Card can be activated from each phone number. Paropuan collected in any OPET Card can not be used unless SMS activation is completed.

After activation is completed, to use Paropuan in OPET filling stations you only need to hand your card over to market employee at cash desk. Until June 10, 2015, Paropuan earned with fuel purchases from OPET filling stations can be used for fuel purchases in OPET filling stations. As of June 10, 2015 Paropuan earned with LPG purchases can only be used for LPG purchases and can not be used for gasoline or diesel purchases. Likewise, Paropuan earned with gasoline and diesel purchases can only be used for gasoline or diesel purchases.

As of May 22, 2015 Paropuan is only usable in shops in which Paropuan was earned.