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According to the 2020 report of the International rating agency Brand Finance brand, OPET Petrol Distribution Inc. was the most valuable and powerful brands in Turkey's fuel distribution sector with a brand value of $ 570 million. OPET General Manager Cüneyt Ağca said: “As the only domestic company among the major players in the industry, we have become a brand that sets standards, always offers more and makes a difference. Despite the global epidemic, we continue to provide uninterrupted service with our service quality and customer satisfaction oriented approach. With our Clean Toilet Campaign, which has been going on for 20 years, we have achieved an important standard in our stations regarding cleaning and hygiene. ”

According to the international rating agency Brand Finance's brand research, OPET Petroleum Inc. was "Turkey's most valuable and powerful brand" in the fuel distribution sector. OPET, which ranked 14th in the Most Valuable Top 100 brand rankings and increased its brand value by 57 percent compared to last year, reached 570 million dollar brand value. In Turkey's Most Powerful Brands' ranking, it took place in the 4th row rose compared to last year. OPET General Manager Cüneyt Ağca made the following statement: “Despite the Covid-19 epidemic, which affects the entire world and leads to a significant decrease in sales volume in our sector, with our customer satisfaction-oriented service quality, flexible decision-making capability and our approach that makes a difference by doing what is not done, we are the fastest steady growing company in the industry. So far, our Clean Toilet Campaign closely followed by Turkey, and creating a big change,  we provided an important standard  in our station about cleanliness and hygiene. The importance of this project, which we started 20 years ago and in which we optimized our toilets in terms of hygiene, has emerged even more during the epidemic days when we experienced the difference it makes in human life. Our Women's Power project is growing faster every day and ensures that the perception that the profession is not gender-dependent is adopted at the social level. On the other hand, we continue to add value to our country with our Green Road, Model Village, Respect for History and Traffic Detectives Projects and works in the Troya region. While our industry was almost not growing in 2019 compared to the previous year, when we consider it as total white products, our company has grown by 7% and reached 19% of the market share ”.

Cüneyt Ağca stated that at OPET stations, while meeting all the needs of the vehicles, they create solutions in which consumers can find all kinds of needs together and pursued as follows:

“We responded to the needs of our customers during the epidemic period with our Ultramarkets, which we started in the previous year in order to make our stations a living space where our customers can have a pleasant break and rest. Opet stations turn into frequent spots for refreshment, renewal and all kinds of needs in heavy traffic or during the journey. We did cooperation with the best brands in their fields such as “In bakery by Divan”, “Koçtaş”, “Starbucks on the go”, “Lipton”, “Dardanel Mister No”, “Rossmann”, “Automix”, “TTec” and “Toyzz Shop”. The cleanliness and hygiene standards of our stations continue to be followed precisely as usual. With the yellow band application in the market, we act with waiting areas and directions suitable for social distance. We apply all our measures in constant communication with our dealers. As a result of all our determination and activities, we were among the 20 most valuable brands of our country in the Brandfinance 2020 Turkey Survey. According to the research results, we are the most valuable and strongest brand in our industry. These beautiful developments motivate us more as a driving force in making our business consumer-oriented and holistic. From now on, we will continue to work with the same belief and perseverance including bonding with our consumers and our brand promise giving trust. With our love for our country, we have established bonds with our customers and as Turkey's most popular fuel distribution brand, we are honored to be among the most powerful brands in Turkey according to Brand Finance. It is among our goals to raise this bar even higher."

Research Methodology

This year, Brand Finance conducted a unique market research covering 50 thousand people over the age of 18 in 29 countries for 10 different sectors. Brand Finance, which calculates the value of the brands in the ranking tables in line with the ISO 10668 standard, with the “Right Value” method, reaches the net brand value by adapting the right price to the revenue generated by the company based on the earnings to be obtained by licensing a licensor's brand in the open market. The 'Brand funnel' used in the research, which measures in terms of reputation, innovation, trust, emotional bond, advice, quality, awareness, reveals how the power of a brand turns into sales. Brand Finance calculates the strength of the brand using marketing investments, relative weight and performance metrics. For each industry, the range of rights and the rate of rights, which reflect the importance of the brand, are determined in the purchase decision. While the brand's power score is adapted to the range of rights, the share of the brand is determined within the company revenue. Taking into consideration the previous revenues, capital market analyst estimates and the growth rates of the economy, the future revenues are measured. Afterwards, the rate of entitlement is adapted to future revenue for the determination of brand revenue.

About Brand Finance

The world's leading independent brand valuation consultancy company Brand Finance was founded in 1996. The purpose of Brand Finance is to establish a 'bridge between marketing and finance'. For more than 20 years, the organization has helped all types of companies and organizations to establish a relationship between their brands and financial results, and publishes approximately 100 reports annually, listing more than 5 thousand brands on a country and sector basis.