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Traffic Detectives

Carried out in support of OPET and in collaboration with the Ministry of Family and Social Policies, the Ministry of Interior, the Ministry of National Education, the Religious Affairs Administration, General Directorate of Security and Coalescence and Cooperation of Police Wives Association, the 'Traffic Detectives Project aims to turn prospective drivers into individuals who are aware of the traffic rules completely and take responsibility in that regard. The project objective is to create a permanent solution on the prevention of traffic accidents with training courses first to the teacher, then the kids and the youth in 9 main subjects. However, apart from classical training, the kids and the youngsters will receive the title of 'Traffic Detective' hence they are expected to adopt a conscious behavioral model. Training courses given in line with this approach include traffic sign boards, seat belt and child protection systems, pedestrian crossing, use of an underpass and overpass, safe use of a bicycle, pedestrian safety, visibility, safe journeys in cars, crossing the street and safe play grounds.

The aim of the 'Traffic Detectives Project' is to raise awareness regarding traffic rules and hence change the current sense and consequently turn Turkey into a country with safe traffic and comfortable transportation in the future. 800.000 students have been trained in 'traffic safety' within the scope of the project so far and have become 'Traffic Detectives'. The Traffic Detectives Projects aims to raise awareness of 1,5 million kids and young people between the ages of 3-17 and consequently of their families' all across Turkey in 3 years. 800.122 students have become 'Traffic Detective' within the scope of the project so far.

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