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Started in OPET station toilets, "Clean Toilet Campaign" has continued nonstop for 14 years and it aims to spread toilet cleanness and hygene across Turkey. This project is a struggle to create a cleaner and healthier society by OPET.

Carried out since 2000 by OPET and being one of the longest term social projects in Turkey, Clean Toilet Campaign targets an important problem of Turkey. Clean Toilet Campaign is carried out on the purpose of bringing the subjects "toilet cleanness and hygiene" to Turkey's agenda and consequently to contribute to create an awareness on the matter in the country. Started from its own stations, OPET spread the project all across the country over time and it succeeded in making the change permanent by emphasizing not only standard institutional image and service quality but also cleanness and hygiene at Opet stations.

In 2000, OPET started carrying out "Clean Toilet Campaign" to popularize toilet cleanness and hygiene in Turkey starting from its own stations. OPET managed to make this permanent by spreading it across the country. While the personnel at the stations is trained by OPET, toilets of the stations acquired cleanness and hygiene. Considering the problems of handicapped people, OPET set the condition and standard of accessible toilet. Diaper changing units were built into the stations to prevent infants from catching germs.

Main objective of OPET Clean Toilet Campaign is to raise awareness on how much clean toilets and hygiene are important. For this reason, training sessions are held not only at stations but only at all public institutions in Turkey, hospitals, schools and all the establishments that demand it. Thought leader of OPET education, inspection team and OPET social responsiblity projects, Nurten ÖZTÜRK, founding member of board of management, has travelled every part of Turkey for 14 years and cover a distance of 5,5 million km. On the other hand, cartoons and commercial films, which were watched with interest and admiration by kids and adults, were prepared and televised, leaflets and educational CD's regarding the subject were distributed.

Along with its collaborations, Clean Toilet Project has brought sub-initiatives in line with the needs of society. In 2003, "My Clean School Project" was carried out at all schools under Istanbul Directorate of National Education and all schools were inspected with the help of OPET Perfection Envoy and OPET education teams. Schools ranked among the top three were rewarded.

It was transformed into "To Love is To Protect" project at the end of 2009 due to Swine Flu, which occupied the agenda for the time. All OPET stations and schools were taken under protection with Bioshield disinfection application that prevents microbes from procreating and contaminating for 90 days. The dangers created by our customary behaviors as kissing, handshaking and hugging that make easier for the virus to transfer were emphasized via various communication channels and it was aimed to bring up the subjects of epidemics and hygiene to the agenda. Fit for this purpose, wristlets, badges, ads and posters that read 'Pause kissing and handshaking' were produced.

"Drinkable Water, Usable Toilet" campaign was carried out with Malatya Directorate of National Education and 4000 teachers and many students were provided the training sessions of Clean Toilet Campaign in Malatya.

In 2010, by invitation of Amasya Directorate of National Education, Clean Toilet Campaign training sessions were held within On-The-Job Training held by the same institution and 2000 teachers received education. In 2011, in Nizip and Islahiye counties of Gaziantep, 1500 teachers and numerous students were provided with toilet cleanness and hygiene training. The toilet cleanness and hygiene training sessions that were held by Şanlıurfa Provincial Directorate of National Education were participated by 2000 teacher from the schools nearby.

Reached over 7,5 million people with training courses held across Turkey so far, "Clean Toilet Campaign" receives invitation for collaboration from various institutions and establishments.

All experiences of OPET in Clean Toilet Campaign, which widens the scope every passing day, were transferred into TCDD with "Cleanness is On The Rails Project". In 2010, the project was implemented to terminals, stations and trains by Turkish State Railways (TCDD) under the name of "Cleanness is On The Rails". With this project, all TCDD personnel were educated. Toilets in terminal, station and trains along with the environment of stations and terminals were rendered clean and hygienic under the guidance of OPET.

With the social responsibility project held with SASKİ General Directorate, which operates water and sewer services of the city of Sakarya, students and teachers of first grade, kindergarden and day nursery were provided with awareness in 2011.

Popularized Clean Toilet Campaign with aware society and service understanding across Turkey, OPET provides training courses for students and teachers at school through collaboration with Ministries of National Education and Culture. Training teams continue to spread the awareness of cleanness and hygiene to every nook and cranny in Turkey.


In 2012, the project extended abroad and consequently contributed to introduction of Turkey overseas as well. By the invitation from Saudi Arabia in May 2012, OPET provided training for 4800 teachers and students in four cities, Mecca, Medina, Jeddah and Riyadh. The second overseas destination of Clean Toilet Campaign was Macedonia on 23th April 2013. Clean Toilet and hygiene training was held by participation of 750 students and 60 teachers at Tefeyyüz Elementary School, one of the oldest Turkish schools in the Balkans and which has given education in Turkish since 1884.


Another important development within the framework of the project is that new standards determined by the collaboration of OPET and TSE (Turkish Standards Institution) for public toilets were necessitated in all toilets including workplace and restaurant toilets with the implementation initiated by the Ministry of Interior.

OPET created a social awareness and change on toilet cleanness and hygiene thanks to its works. We receive tens of thousads of thanks-letters. OPET is now trying somehow to manage the training requests coming from inside and outside the country with its trainers raised within the company.

"Clean Toilet Campaign" was awarded with social responsibility great reward by IPRA (International Public Relations Association). It also ranked first in the category of Social Responsibility Projects of 3rd Altın Pusula Contest, held by Turkey Public Relations Association. Receiving the bronze reward in Health, Safety and Environment Program category of 11th International Stevie Rewards, the project also acquired the "Effectiveness Reward" in "Institutional Social Responsibility Rewards" which was held for the first time by Turkey Employers' Unions Confederation.

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