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How can you collect Points?

You can earn “WorldPuan” at a rate of 0,25% and fuel points at 1,25% in proportion to your fuel and auto gas purchases from Opet contracted stations.

In addition to the collected points, at the end of every month, in case the total of your monthly expenditures’ amount made in Opet contracted stations is exceeding 2000 TL, 1,5% of your monthly expenses in addition of the1,25% will be loaded to your Opet worldCard as fuel points.

While you may use the earned “Worldpuan” in all World-members establishments, you can use your fuel points only in fuel and auto gas purchases from Opet contracted stations


Monthly expenses Amount Fuel Point Worldpuan
0-1,999 TL 1,25% 0,25%
2000 TL ve üzeri 2,75% 0,25%


Considering that the monthly expenses amount is assessed on Card-basis, in case you own more than one Opet worldcard, the monthly expenses’ amount will be calculated separately for every card. Your expenses will be calculated on calendar month basis.

In one calendar month 10.000TL is the maximum limit of auto gas and fuel expenditures to be in exchange for points.

If there is a discount on pump sale prices related to fuel and auto gas products in Opet stations, Fuel points are not collectable. Fuel points earning can not be joined to discounts.

To be able to collect fuel points, Opet worldcard owners, after completing their purchases of fuel or auto gas and before leaving the Opet contracted stations, have to head to the station’s automation where they can obtain the expenses slip and check the match with the effective expenses so they can proceed to payment with their Opet Worldcard. Fuel points can not be collectable from retrospective payments and sales out side of stations.

In case of using Opet worldcard for fuel and auto gas purchases from Opet, “paropuan of “parolu” cards and Opet card are not collectable.

In case you transform a different Yapı Kredi’ s credit cards of yours to Opet Worldcard, the cumulated “Worldpuan” will be transferred from your former card to Opet Worldcard while fuel points won’t be transferred. The “Worldpuan” transferred to you new Opet worldcard, will continue to be valid in all World- member -establishments. Although the fact that your fuel and gaz expenses you made in Opet stations, have being calculated on a monthly basis, only expenses made with Opet worldcard will be considered. The fuel and auto gas expenses made in Opet stations with an ancient Yapı Kredi credit card won’t be taken into consideration in the monthly basis calculation

Yapı Kredi and Opet reserve the right to stop, amend or terminate the above mentioned discounts and points’collect.