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Our Customer Groups and Services

Customer Groups

Within the Directorate of TEY, Marine and Public Sales, fuel sales are made to our retailers, consumer customers and to the maritime sector and offered services are listed below in categories.

  • Retailers
  • Consumer Customers
  • Domestic Maritime Sales (Fuel Sales Free of Special Consumption Tax)

What We Offer to Customers

  • Reliable and nonstop fuel delivery assurance
  • Quality and quantity assurance in products through company shipping
  • Engineering service support during facility construction
  • Consultancy in choosing the accurate product fit for the purpose
  • Commercial treaties that meet customer needs
  • Key-ready facility construction
  • Education

Customer Services

The aim of our customer services team that supports TEY, marine and public sales is to focus on customer needs with an approach that prioritizes customer satisfaction and to meet these needs in a timely manner and with corresponding standards.

In line with this aim, major operations held by our customer service representatives are:

  • Receiving product orders from customers;
  • Providing transportation of the product to the customer in the right time, quality and quantity by making transportation organization.


  • Evaluation of possible suggestions and complaints from customers and resolving them as soon as possible.

Access Information

Phone :  0 216 522 90 00

Fax :  0 216 522 90 10