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Health, Safety And Environmental Policy

OPET Petrolcülük A.Ş. (OPET) aims to manage all of its operations effectively in terms of Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) with a view to promoting the good of its employees, shareholders, sub contractors and society.

In this respect, OPET promises that;

Our policy

It will be sensitive to the issues of human health, job safety and environment while conducting its operations,

Leadership and Loyalty

It will make sure that its senior management will spearhead the implementation of the corporate HSE policy and that its employees and shareholders will remain loyal to such policy,

Compliance with Regulations

It will fully comply with the existing regulations and relevant standards,

Preventive Measures and Risk Management

It will constantly evaluate possible health, safety and environment risks that it may come across throughout its operations and reduce such risks to a minimum by taking preventive measures,

Appropriate Working Conditions

It will ensure that the working conditions will be consistent with the HSE standards in order to protect its employees’ health,

Emergency Management

It will be prepared to intervene effectively in case of an emergency,

Environmental Management

It will use the energy and natural resources efficiently and monitor emissions and recycle waste in order to reduce its environmental impact to a minimum,

Continuous Improvement

It will follow up on the set goals and periodically assess them in order to maintain continuous improvement on the HSE issues, and provide trainings to its employees and subcontractors and conduct appropriate studies based on the feedback and suggestions received from its personnel,


Cüneyt AĞCA

General Manager