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Paro Program Membership Approval and Data Processing Permission

This Paro Membership Clarification Text and Consent Statement makes you a member of Paro and enlightens you on how your data is processed. The Paro Program is a customer satisfaction program designed to provide its members with various advantages through various member merchants and other applications.


Opet Petrolcülük A.Ş (Opet) is a member of Paro Program, as data manager, records and processes all your shopping and given personal information in stations and dealers, web and mobile applications, call center and all other channels (“Channels”). The Identification Marketing and Communication Services (“Identification”), which is the manager of Paro Program, is a Koç Group company that creates and manages marketing programs with various advantages and opportunities. As a data officer, Identification records and processes your personal and shopping information via its own channels as well as any channels of member merchants/brands (“Channels”). Identification and/or member companies/brands may initiate different programs for similar purposes as specified in this membership approval. The purpose of these Programs which are managed by Paro Program and again Identification such as Chippin Platform, is to provide general and/or customized product/service proposals, advertisements, campaigns and other benefits of Identification and member brands.


a) What are your data collected within the programs and collection methods? The collected data is name, surname, date of birth, phone, e-mail, address, plate given through the stores, stations, call centers websites, mobile applications and any other channels of brands and companies included in Identification and Programs, your answers to the surveys, the stores you have visited, your shopping details, your location information provided via mobile applications, your navigation information on websites and mobile applications with your behavior information (movements on the site/mobile applications, the product/s being reviewed, are went to the basket with the information of coming from which page to the site), if you have a membership through social media links the data received in this way, device information (device identification number, operating system, scanner name, device brand/model) that can be obtained via mobile devices, and also product/device using information that can be received if you allow and not limited to those listed here, other personal data that given via all of these channels. The collected data together will be referred as “Personal Data”.
Before you approve Consent Statement (“Consent Statement”), the following Processing Personal Data, your personal information will be kept locked in code in the scopes of Programs if you provide us with your shopping information as well as definitive personal data such as mobile phone, plate in your shopping from brands included in Programs, however, from the date of your approval to Consent Statement, your personal data and shopping information will be opened retrospectively and will be processed as matched with Personal Data in accordance with Programs and in the framework of hereby Clarification Text. The same will be valid for your Paro-featured cards, if you shop with your card prior to Consent Statement, your card and shopping information will still be processed by matching with your Personal Data.


b) For what purpose the Personal Data is processed? Personal Data collected from channels is transferred to Identification. The Identification can process this Personal Data as the owner of Programs as well as can transfer it to member brands processing or without processing. Personal data is analyzed by Identification and companies/brands that are member of Programs, and can be processed for the purpose of offering general and/or specific product/service proposals, advertising, campaign and other benefits of the companies to be cooperated in the scope of Identification, member brands and/or Program, making targeted advertisement demonstration via various platforms, sending text messages, e-mails by using your given contact information and conducting surveys and contacting with you with similar ways, being able to send commercial e-mail, sending mail, analyzing your information including shopping information, survey and tele sales application and reporting them, making statistics analysis and for other similar marketing purposes. Personal data, for further processing with the same purposes, can be combined by transferring to the companies to be cooperated about personal data (these companies may not be member of Program) or by transferring your personal data to us from these companies, your Personal Data can be processed with the purposes specified in Clarification Text via combined and transferred personal data by both Identification and Program Partners and by the company to which the data is transferred. By taking necessary security measures, the Personal Data can be kept in the country as well as transferred to abroad in order to achieve the objectives mentioned this Clarification Text.


c)To whom and for what purpose can the Personal Data be transferred? Personal Data, to be processed in the scope mentioned above or in processed form, can be transferred to brands, dealers, agencies and franchises included in Identification and Programs, to companies to be cooperated, to companies that are included in Koç Group, to infrastructure providers and third parties who received service (such as shipment company, call center, consultants), to social media platforms and other future communication channels in order to make targeted advertisement demonstration to you through your social media accounts. Brands included in Paro Program are Altunbilekler Ltd. Şti, Arçelik Pazarlama A.Ş.  (Arçelik, Beko), Aygaz A.Ş. (Aygaz, Mogaz, Pürsu), Divan Turizm A.Ş., Ford A.Ş., Koçtaş A.Ş., Opet A.Ş., Otokoç A.Ş. (Avis, Otokoç), Öztaner Ltd. Şti (Özhan Market), Retail Two Ltd. Şti. (Forever New), RMK Classic Giyim A.Ş. (Brooks Brothers, Edwards), Setur A.Ş., Yapı ve Kredi Bankası A.Ş., Yurtiçi Kargo A.Ş. and 1tıkla2kazan the brands included in the Programs are variable. For an up-to-date list of brands, please visit The application to be made on website of Yapı ve Kredi Bankası A.Ş. and mobile applications, will be in the form of sharing your movement information on the Sites without including your Personal Data.


d) What is the legal reason for Personal Data processing? Your Personal Data is processed based on your explicit consent to benefit from Paro membership.


e) What is the duration of Personal Data processing? Your Personal Data will continue to be processed by Programs and Identification and all other programs and brands that have been created for similar purposes during and thereafter the Program continuation with the membership of brands unless otherwise stated clearly by you. Your Personal Data will be terminated for purposes that are subject to explicit consent if you have requested your Personal Data to be deleted but will continue to be processed for the purposes of Article 5 and 6 of the Personal Data Protection Act.


f) What are your rights about processing of your Personal Data? You have the right to demand that if your personal information is processed by the parties mentioned in this Clarification Text, if it is processed, information about it, the purpose of processing and whether it is used in accordance with the purpose, knowing the third parties to which the data is transferred within the country and abroad, correction of the data if it is wrong or incomplete, delete or removal of information in the framework of foreseen terms in relevant regulation, requesting that third parties to which the data is transferred are notified about correction/delete/removal processes; objecting to a result against you provided that analyzing the processed data exclusively by automated systems and requesting to eliminate the damage if you suffer from a damage due to illegal processing of your data and also to prevent not being contacted with you for Identification from the address of Ünalan Mah. Ayazma Cad. Çamlıca İş Merkezi A Blok K:3 Üsküdar, İstanbul and the phone number of 4447276 and for Opet from the address of Barbaros Mah. Gelincik Sok. No:4-A Ataşehir, İstanbul and the phone number of 4446738.   


PERSONAL DATA PROCESSING CONSENT STATEMENT I agree that processing my Personal Data which is stated in the (a) clause of Paro Membership Clarification Text and Consent Statement above, it will be processed for the purposes stated in the (b) clause, to be transferred to the persons specified in (c) clause with the purposes again in (c) clause provided that my rights are reserved stated at (f) clause.


Paro Program Terms


1. Paro Member (“Member”) has to approve Paro Membership Clarification Text and Consent Statement and register with mobile phone number to benefit from Paro Program. The Member accepts and undertakes that being responsible for not letting the card and card number, user name and/or password given to him/her not given, used by another person and for keeping them; in addition, if mobile phone number is changed, the line is closed or transferred, notifying the 4447276 Paro Hotline, if it is determined that the card or mobile phone is abused by a Member or someone else and Programs have been misused, all rights and benefits related to the membership will be withdrawn and other measures will be implemented. In case the required notification is not given, the Identification or other Program Partners cannot be held responsible for spending the defined points on mobile phone due to the transfer of the line to someone else. The Member agrees that Identification and Program Partners are not responsible for disputes that may arise in this matter, not to give the membership card, card number or mobile phone to someone else, if gives, all responsibility and to lose all rights including the gained points. The Member shall notify the call center if the membership card or mobile phone is lost or stolen. The Member is responsible for any damages that may occur until the notification is made. The terms in this article will be valid for all tools except the card used in the Programs.

2. The Paro Program terms and benefits of each Program Partner may differ and vary. Identification can change Paro Program terms, stop the program, cancel membership and receive membership fees without prior notification except the terms of purpose using personal data. Points gained during the year can be reset on 31st January of the following year. The current conditions can be learned from the communication channels of the Paro Program. Identification and Program Partners cannot be responsible for any disputes that may arise from the defect of goods not sold to Member by themselves, from the announcements, promotion, points etc. received late and wrong due to faults in electronic infrastructure on which system is working, customers not provided with some opportunities such as promotions, points due to various reasons. These terms in the article will be valid for other programs to be activated.

3. Identification or Member can terminate the membership at any time and without showing a reason provided that notification is made 1 week in advance.  In this case, the membership ends within 1 week. The member will be able to benefit from gained rights until the termination date of membership within the current conditions. When the membership ends, the points accumulated on the card and the rights granted to the Member, will be deleted and withdrawn by Identification. The Member agrees accuracy of information explained with this form, to be explained and explained to Identification and other Program Partners, that the information will be updated if there are any changes, in case of dispute, the books and any records of the Identification and Program Partners will be considered as definitive evidence, unless otherwise stated and announced by the Identification and Program partner company, over 18 of real people living in Turkey can be a member, legal persons may also include in the Program with the decision of Identification.