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Q1: How can find Otobil stations? 

You can reach the current list of Otobil stations in Turkey from the website


Q2: How can I know when any OPET station which I arrive at is an Otobil-enabled station or not, or from which dispenser I am to refuel? 

There are guiding signs with Otobil logo at our Opet stations. 


Q3: What if I have to refuel and there is no Opet Otobil station nearby from where I can refuel?

You can get information from our call center at 444 67 38 or visit to learn the nearest OPET Otobil station. 


You can learn the nearest Otobil station on the drive only with a single message. 


Turkcell users can reach the names and addresses of 3 Opet stations nearest to their current location with a short message (SMS) they send, and view maps showing such stations on their phone screens.  In order to benefit from this system, simply send a short message wit the keyword “Nerede Otobil” to 7777 from a Turkcell line.  The cost of service is charged as 2 short messages per each inquiry to the line owner’s invoice or deducted from your prepaid credits. 


Q4: What kind of data are kept in Otobil vehicle unit?

Otobil vehicle unit contains vehicle data and fuel type information. 


Q5: How can I obtain detail reports about my fuel consumption?

Our fuel consumption reports will be forwarded via cargo as an attachment of each bill. You have the opportunity to take the fuel consumption reports of your vehicles whenever you want by entering your user name and password at our website


Q6: Is it possible to refuel another vehicle during the filling? 

If the nozzle is pulled out of the vehicle’s fuel tank during the filling, the filling stops automatically.  


Q7: Will the assembly of the Otobil system on my vehicles affect the warranty of my vehicles?  

No operation that will render the warranty of your vehicle void will be carried out during the assembly of Otobil on your vehicle. 


Q8: What happens if any of my vehicles which is registered to the system is stolen?

If you encounter such a situation, you have call our call center at 0216 444 67 38 that serves 7/24 immediately.   As soon as Opet is informed, the refueling of that vehicle will be stopped. 


Q9: What happens if I sell any of my vehicles which is registered to the system?

Opet assembly team disassembles the relevant equipment and mounts the new programmed equipment to your new vehicle, if any. 


Q10: Can Otobil vehicle unit be mounted on different vehicles?

Yes, it can be. 


Q11: Which banks can I work with in order to utilize Otobil system?



Q12: How will I make my payments?

You can make your payments in cash or via the direct debit systems of our contractual banks Yapı Kredi, Garanti, Denizbank, Akbank and Ing.   You can call our call center 0216 444 67 38 for detailed information about payment terms.


Q13: Can individual customers utilize this system?

We have Individual Otobil service for individual users.  You can reach Individual Otobil area for further information. 


Q14: Is there any vehicle limit for being eligible for Otobil fuel information system? May vehicles personally registered to the name of the company shareholders benefit from this system? 

A company should have minimum 5 vehicles to be eligible for membership.    Your shareholders can purchase fuel for their personal (private) vehicles via the system.  If desired, it is possible to purchase fuel via OTOBIL system with a key ring (chip) without mounting the equipment on the vehicle. 


Q15: How can I learn the changing fuel prices instantly?

You can track the Changing Fuel retail prices from the “pump prices” page at our address . 


Q16: How can I assign limits for fuel consumption of our fleet vehicles?

You can enter your user name and password in member login field at our website, and allocate monthly, daily and flexible limits to your vehicles from the limit allocation area at your portal page.


Q17: How can I find my user name and password?

You can call our call center at 0216 444 67 38 or send a mail to /