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Opet, Focused On Its 2016’s Targets

OPET young and innovative brand in the fuel sector

OPET Petroleum Inc. General Manager Cüneyt Ağca; Stating that along with the sector growing in 2015, they have increased both of the market share and number of dealers. For the last three years, OPET which has been the second biggest player in the market has ended the 2015 with 17.7 market share rate. The year 2015 was a very active year for the petroleum sector which is subject to many variable factors as Ağca has assessed and added: "We are leaving behind us a quite difficult year. 2015, has been a witness of many critical matters such as ceiling price implementation, the crude oil prices decrease, the renewal process related to the five-year contract for dealers without omitting the considerable fluctuations observed in currencies exchange rates. During the past year, we reached a turnover of 15 billion Turkish Lira with a market share of 17.7 percent. And in accordance with the targets we had previously determined; we have increased our number of dealers, our sales and our market share as well”.

Cüneyt Ağca continued:” our brand’s increasing value in the sector and in the eyes of customers and the mutual trust based partnership we have established with our dealers, has enabled us to complete the year 2015 successfully. As result of the renewal process of our 5-years contracts with our dealers which has past quite dynamically, we increased both of number of dealers and our sales volume. For the upcoming year, we target a market share rate above 18 percent as we intend to add 55 more new gas stations to our existing network”. Cüneyt Ağca affirmed:” we offer our services through two brand marks, OPET composed of 1003 stations and Sunpet composed of 416 stations with a total of 1419 dealers. Our stations are visited by almost 1 million individual in a day along with 500 thousand vehicles”. He said:” with every passing day, our powerful and trustworthy structure enables us we to improve ourselves through a dealers service network spread over all Turkey, its high capacity storage located in five different areas, aviation fuel company established upon the partnership with Turkish Air Lines in term of jet fuel and our partnership with Fuchs which is one of the largest company in the world in Mineral oil sector.

Ağca pointed the effects of currency Exchange rates and raw petrol prices fluctuations witnessed in 2015, as main factors that shapes the fuel prices, and added that the raw petrol prices affects partially the pump prices and drew attention on the main elements that shapes the price such as product price, Exchange rate, refinery and distribution costs beside taxes


Cüneyt Ağca affirmed that beyond being a fuel distribution brand mark, it is more about winning a permanent place in the customers’ life by a daily product and service quality development process, and with this purpose. He emphasized that being a company that listens and understands the expectations of customers and doing the impossible under all circumstances led us to a leader position.

Ağca confirmed that they adopted the principle to work with the best in all kinds of cooperation, and according to that he shared the new names with which they will cooperate in 2016 advertising campaign Cüneyt,ağca said:” as a brand mark, and Up today, we have cooperated with celebrities like Tarkan, Cem Yılmaz and Ajda Pekkan in very notorious projects, we’re cooperating with A group national league football player and Turkey’s pride in Barcelona, the star Arda Truan. Our 2016 advertising campaign film will be broadcasted on 2016 with Arda Turan as lead role and the movie shooting sets will take place in Istanbul and Barcelona.


Ağca stated that the company was selected for 9 years on end the best brand mark In KalDer Turkey Customer Satisfaction Index and with carrying out their challenge with principle of “the perfect journey”, they were awarded by many respectable institutions on 2015” and added: “we are ending 2015 with high prizes that hold a very emotional value. Especially with our commercial film named “ Joy” . awarded with the biggest prize in advertising world “the Cristal Apple beside Feliz Award , the award of the best application for ” Traffic Detectives Project” granted by the Confederation of employers Syndicate of Turkey” we were selected as being the most appreciated company operating in our sector according to “the most appreciated company” research conducted by Capital Magazine on”. While OPET was placed as the only one petroleum company in Turkey super brand mark list twice, we were granted once again with the title of “the truthful brand mark” within the “truthful brand mark research” in petroleum sector.

We occupied for a second time the first rank in” Buzz creating brand marks research” led by Mediacat. We were chosen as the most appreciated brand mark in our sector within the research conducted by Marketing Turkey. We thank our customers and the relevant institutions that fitted us to hose awards”.


Cüneyt Ağca, the OPET general manager, has given information related to social duties projects that OPET have being carried out for years. Ağça, convinced on the fact of being a benefit source of its home country is one of the most important duties, said:”for OPET, focusing on the social responsibilities is a part of its institution’s culture. And our status as the sole national company among the giants of this sector, we feel honored to achieve our duties. Our Result- orientated social duties projects will go on in 2016 and our brand will continue to gain a bigger place in hearts.

“ We had made a big difference in our sector with leading many projects such as “ clean water-closet campaign” with its standards that have been applied for the first time in many sectors ,in order to develop hygiene and cleanliness awareness in our country and which has been closely followed by the public opinion, the “ Green Road Project” that consists in the afforestation of our stations beside avenues and parks in many different areas, ”the Exemplary Village Project” that supports the economic development of villages that have a potential, also “respecting history Project” realized in Gelibolu Peninsula which has a highly important place in our country’s history. We target as well to solve the traffic issues through” traffic Detectives Project” as the youngest project, that aims to solve a big issue by the awareness of young population with 13-17 years old range.


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