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Ultra Force Diesel

It is mandatory that, whether differentiated or not, all the liquid fuel types released to the market in our Country by the licensees are in conformity with the European Union standards and the technical arrangements determined by the Energy Market Regulatory Authority. In this context, all of them can be used safely for vehicles, by fuel types. By types of vehicles such as automobiles, busses, trucks, articulated lorries, tractors etc., there are no restrictive differences between differentiated products and others with regard to the regulated characteristics such as quality, etc.


The positive effects of ULTRA FORCE diesel on the vehicle are given below:[1]

  • Provides minimum 0,78% and maximum 1,45% reduction in fuel consumption.
  • Cleans the engine parts and fuel system up and keep them clean.
  • Reduces the resistance to flow that occurs over time within the injectors up to minimum 37%, and maximum 6,2%.
  • Reduces Nitrogen Oxide (NOx) emissions from fuel by a minimum of 0,0% and a maximum of 40,7%.
  • Restores power loss in the engine up to 100%.
  • Provides an acceleration increase of up to 7,3% in the vehicle.
  • Provides a reduction in the engine noise that may disturb the driver.
  • Provides protection against corrosion
  • Provides protection against fuel freezing in cold climate conditions.

OPET Ultra Force diesel fuel improves the performance of the vehicle and the driving experience by keeping the engine clean, protecting it against corrosion, reducing internal diesel injector deposits (IDID) and increasing acceleration. It reduces fuel consumption while recovering the power loss completely that may be experienced in the engine.

[1]The positive effects of differentiated liquid fuels may vary depending on vehicle type, age, maintenance condition, weather / road conditions and driving style. There is no guarantee for its benefits to your vehicle.


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