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Recommendation and Reward System

With our recommendation system which can be participitated by all of our personnel and which is given both electronically and as written document, our development operations are constantly supported.

Our philosophy is "The one who does the job, is the one who knows it best.". Within this improvement philosophy, we expect our personnel to constantly feed the recommendation system and to contribute to improve operations' effectiveness with both small step improvements and big step improvements.

In the year 2011's last quarter, along with a corporate portal which is a platform for sharing and communicating among our personnel, the online recommendation and forum system was put into use. With the system being put into use, our personnel can share their recommendations and ideas with all the other personnel and they can comment on recommendations. At the same time, every one can give points to the recommendations they like and they can rank the recommendations. One of the advantageous features of this system's being online is, a recommendation made will be evaluated by all the other personnel. This system, in response to the traditional recommendation form collection method, aims to have the recommendations viewed and evaluated by every one in the company.

In our facilities/terminals, there are also recommendation boxes and personnel's ideas and recommendations are still taken into consideration via recommendation forms. Each month, the recommendations and complaints in the boxes are collected and they are transferred to the Terminal Managers. After the recommendations and complaints are evaluated, they are transferred to respective department managers so that they can be solved. After they are finalized, the neccessary notifications are given.