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We manage our operations in compliance to OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health & Safety Advisory Services and we publish our performance values in our Sustainability Report We continue our operations in compliance with regulations, norms and our procedures and with respect to the society.

To maintain our high level security culture, with the attendance of our experienced technical personnel, certified experts and workplace doctors we perform periodical "Workplace Health and Safety" training and drills according to our emergency plans. We keep ready with emergency, prevention, protection, evacuation, firefighting, first aid plans. We make sure that responsible personnel is prepared for safe execution by observing their performance and we make continuous improvements.

We make risk assessments to prevent any risk during our operations. With the help of assigned teams in our workplaces, we define dangers and determine precautions for risks. We take these precautions and minimize the risks of our operations. We keep our risk assessments up to date according to our Change Management mentality.


To increase our employees awareness for Work Health and Safety, in addition to other training classes we perform applications for all our workers in April 28 "World Day for Safety and Health at Work"