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Crystal Apple Award

"Sevince" commercial film of OPET is at the 27th Kristal Elma Advertisement Awards...

OPET, as being the holder of the title 'The Most Appreciated Fuel Oil Brand of Turkey', was awarded with the great prize of 'Crystal Apple' in the category of 'Automotive Products' from the 27th Crystal Apple Advertisement Awards with its “Sevince” themed advertorial film. OPET was further awarded with the Silver Prize in the category of 'Corporate Image'.


OPET's “Sevince” themed advertorial film, having been aired in February, and emphasizing its abiding leadership in customer satisfaction, was awarded with two prizes at once within the scope of the 27th Crystal Apple Advertisement Awards, in which the most creative advertorial projects of Turkey compete. While awarded with Crystal Apple in the category of 'Automotive Products', OPET was also awarded with 'Silver Prize' in the category of 'Corporate Image'. In the ceremony, organized at Uniq İstanbul Maslak Volkswagen Arena, Rafineri Advertisement Agency, having produced the advertorial film in question, and OPET received the prize from the Chairman of the Advertisers' Association, Ahmet Pura. Ayşenur Aydın, OPET Director of Corporate Communication, said that, “For being one of the most prestigious platforms of the advertisement and communication world, it is a great honor for us to be awarded with Crystal Apple. As we have mentioned in our advertorial film, which was fictionalized as the exact reflection of the opinions of our customers, we hereby thank Turkey 'knowing to love deep from its heart'”.


OPET, having been elected as the 'Company with the Highest Customer Satisfaction' for the 9th time in a row by Turkish Quality Association (KalDer), and as the "Most Appreciated Fuel Oil Company" in the 'Lovemark-the Brand Cordially Loved' survey made by Mediacat Magazine in collaboration with İpsos, OPET has attracted the appreciation of the audiences with its ‘Sevince’ themed advertorial film aired this year. Having been fictionalized with Erkin Koray’s song, named “Sevince” in the background, the film depicts OPET's customers preferring OPET for its quality fuel, cheerful services, and clean toilets.


OPET has been sustaining its leadership in KalDer Turkish Customer Satisfaction Index since 2006, as of which it has commenced its assessments on the basis of customer satisfaction-oriented works and sense of social responsibility. Last year, OPET was awarded with "Ongoing Success” and “Overachievement for staying at the top spot for years in a row, alongside its leadership in customer satisfaction. On the other hand, having been elected as the leader of its sector within the scope of the survey of the 'Lovemarks of Turkey 2014', OPET retains its place in the hearts of its consumers. Having still been carrying on the "Clean Toilet Campaign" it has commenced 15 years ago, OPET, alongside its gas-stations, has provided hygiene training to more than 8 million students at the schools Turkey-wide in collaboration with the Ministries of National Education and Culture. TSE (Turkish Standards Institute) standards for the public toilets Turkey-wide has been renewed by OPET's infrastructure. Having won the hearts of its customers thanks to the campaigns, and result-oriented social responsibility projects it has launched, OPET carries on its activities with its sense of unconditional customers satisfaction under the title of ‘Journey to the Perfection’.


The advertorial film, as being the exact reflection of the opinions of its customers, has been produced by Rafineri Advertisement Agency, and directed by Walky Talky.



Customer: Opet

Advertisement Agency: Rafineri

Creative Director: Emre Kaplan

Scriptwriter: Can Erdoğan

Art Director: Emrah Güzel, Yiğit Gümüş

Brand Team: Dilek Uçarlı, Erbek Onur, Aslı Aksu, Gizem Gürzoğlu

Strategic Planning: Canan Pehlivanoğlu

Agency Producer: Kerem İlbeyli, Levent Köstepen

Production Company: Anima İstanbul

Directed by: Walky Talky

Music: Erkin Koray


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