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“Lifetime Achievement Award” for Corporate Social Responsibility Leader Nurten Öztürk

“Lifetime Achievement Award” for Corporate Social Responsibility Leader Nurten Öztürk

PRESS RELEASE                                                                                                          09.11.2016


 “Lifetime Achievement Award” for Corporate Social Responsibility Leader Nurten Öztürk


The leader of ‘OPET Conscious Society Projects’ and a OPET Founding Member of the Board of Directors, Nurten Öztürk, who is known for her leading persona in Turkey on ‘Corporate Social Responsibility’ was, for making a difference with sustainable social responsibility projects, given the “Lifetime Achievement Award” by ‘Women to Watch’ platform, which brings together successful women in business world.


‘Women to Watch – Fark Yaratan Kadınlar 2016’ Award Ceremony, organized in Turkey for the 4th time this year with the cooperation of MediaCat and Advertising Age is being held on November 9th at Lütfi Kırdar International Convention and Exhibition Center. OPET Founding Member of the Board of Directors and the leader of ‘OPET Conscious Society Projects’, each of which have become an own brand in their field, Nurten Öztürk, was, for making a difference with sustainable social responsibility projects, given the “Lifetime Achievement Award”. The organization committee stated that Öztürk was awarded because she set an example for the society with the successful and consistent social responsibility projects she led, created project outside the scope of her main duties, channeled the work power of her brand to create a social difference and encouraged the society.


Receiving her award from journalist Vahap Munyar, OPET Founding Member of the Board Nurten Öztürk, in her speech at the ceremony, said that creating a social benefit is one of their most important duties. Stating that they focused on social responsibility projects in line with OPET’s corporate culture, Öztürk described the honor and pride she felt for receiving this award and continued: “First of all, I believe that this country and its people deserve the best and as an individual, I think that we have duties and responsibilities for people who work and care for our country and our people.  . Although we are a commercial company, I have never thought commercially in any business I engaged with. The social responsibility projects I realized have been projects for the past, the present and the future, embracing the entire society, resolving the needs, and making people’s lives easier.  And I’ve been given many awards until today. However, this award, by which you have honored me today infinitely, means to me a life that was not wasted... In my life after this, I will work harder to deserve this award.




Öztürk, continuing her speech, provided the following information on the social responsibility projects she led: “We have educated more than 2.5 million children in schools of 81 provinces throughout Turkey, and raised awareness on traffic safety together with their families, with the ‘Traffic Detectives Project’ we have carried out with our stakeholders for 3 years. This year, we have extended our project and started our “Life Belt” project to remind the importance of safety belts against accidents. Our aim is to increase belt-using ration, which is 47 percent today, to 70% in one year. We worked to establish hygiene awareness in Turkey with the ‘Clean Toilet Campaign’ we have been carrying out for 16 years. Starting from our own stations, we popularized toilet cleaning and hygiene and succeeded in making it permanent. With “Respect to History Project”, we have restored the historical Gallipoli Peninsula to attain a modern outlook while protecting the cultural texture in a deserved fashion.” We created “Model Villages” with the aim of creating a conscious society to ensure that villages strive on their own, benefit from their historical, geographical and cultural potential, and to spread social values such as increases in education levels and development in environmental awareness.  With ‘Green Road Project’, we planted 700,000 seeds at station entries and exits, boulevards and highways, greening our stations, their surroundings, park and boulevards in city centers, created OPET forests. All social responsibility projects I planned and applied on behalf of OPET with the awareness of our duties and responsibilities as individuals, institutions, and society, answer social problems and needs.  I feel the sorrow of sticking to one point instead of preserving and improving our values to get ahead of our time. Therefore, I always try to develop projects for future and to leave a mark on this world. I think that every person has a purpose and things to create when they are born.”




Having been organized by the greatest brand and marketing publication of the world, Advertising Age since 1997, Women to Watch is an award organization held for honoring and drawing attention to the achievements of women who create difference in business world, particularly in marketing, advertisement and media. Its purpose is to create a global network of women who shine out in business world with their creativity and the difference they create. This ceremony is held in China, Brazil, UK, Colombia and Argentina as well as in USA and Turkey. There are no applications to determine the names in Women to Watch’s list. Within the framework of defined criteria; names meticulously followed and selected by MediaCat are awarded upon the assessment and approval of Advertising Age managers.


OPET Founding Member of the Board Nurten Öztürk was defined as one of the 11 difference-making woman leaders of Turkey under ‘Women to Watch 2016’ organized in Turkey for the 4th time this year.  At the same time, she was given the “Lifetime Achievement Award”.  


Evaluated criteria are:

•              Creating a new, exciting and permanent brand/category to enrich the business world.

•              With steps and decisions taken, displaying global leadership qualities and making an impact on international platforms.

•              Providing new resources for our media, advertisement and marketing industries with their creativity and the values they create.

•              Setting an example for society with successful and consistently social responsibility projects undertaken.

•              Successfully managing and creatively overcoming a crisis through out the country or company/brand.

•              Making Istanbul a world hub and from here, successfully managing her company’s operations in many countries of the world.

•              Creating projects outside the scope of main duties, channeled the work power of the brand to create a social difference, and encouraging the society.

•              Shining out in an industry demographically dominated by men.


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