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Perfection Envoys


OPET Perfection Envoys are OPET customers who monitor and supervise as a customer without identifying themselves when they go to our stations to buy fuel. With this system based on volunteerism, OPET Perfection Envoys share their impressions which are gained while they are shopping at our station with OPET center.

We attach importance to the evaluation of our stations on every subject. During these evaluations, it is very important that you behave without saying or evoking that you are OPET Perfection Envoy. In your visits, you evaluate the compliance of the station with OPET Service Standards and share the problems that you may encounter and good practices with us. With the feedbacks we get from you, we take precautions by contacting the related persons as soon as possible in order to prevent any further problems and faults.  We thank our stations for good practices and develop projects for their continuation.

We want our precious Envoys to know; we are pleased to act in cooperation with you in order to provide perfect service and to do our best in our company where customer satisfaction is the first one of our priorities.




  • Station overview and cleanliness
  • Personal care and service quality of pumper officer
  • Toilet cleaning standards
  • Market overview, cleanliness and service quality
  • Station security standards
  • They can voluntarily support Social Responsibility Projects.

Contact Us Via: (Opet Website, OPET Perfection Envoys Line, OPET Customer Services, Headquarters, iPhone and Android applications.


  • At, you can fill out the Opet Perfection Envoys Station Inspection Form under Customer Services and send it to us.
  •  Opet Perfection Envoys Line; You can contact us by calling 216 556 39 34.
  •  Opet Customer Services; You can contact us by calling 444 67 38.
  • From Headquarter; You can contact us by calling 0 216 522 90 75 OPET Perfection Envoys Officer Gökhan GÜR during working hours.
  • From your iPhone and Android Phones; After downloading the OPET App, by identifying your Perfection Envoy card number you can send your evaluations via inspection form.